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Tired of bloated, over-engineered software that can’t keep up with your clinical trials? Or forms that are confusing, and even painful to use? DatStat can help you with a better way. Our twist to eClinical takes your studies beyond paper-based methods or complicated legacy software, so you can reduce queries, improve quality, and get to lock faster.

DatStat is a leader in the eHealthcare movement, delivering a cloud-based, patient-centered eClinical platform. Our transformative applications uniquely engage patients and streamline data resulting in better, faster, and safer clinical trials.

Here are a few reasons to get excited

Scales to your needs – with faster setup and a Cloud-based platform. DatStat is the leading EDC on Microsoft Azure.

Easy to learn and manage – unified solution provides greater consistency, no data movement or migration required.

Total assurance – validation across installation and system configuration, concluding with a validation report.

Flexible by design – eCRFs and ePROs are easily built without technical resources, and reusable, allowing for quick edits while always maintaining data integrity.

Efficient for everyone – designed with a modern interface, screens are highly intuitive making the process faster.

Access anywhere – convenient access from mobile and tablets, to online or offline and across the globe.

Inter-operable & extensible – our open API makes new capabilities practical and data integration seamless.

Peace of mind – our team of experts supports you by providing study build, data management, statistical analysis, training, and validation services.

Clear value – pay as you go pricing lets you invest in automation as you need it.


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Clients tell us over and over that we help them achieve challenges that seemed impossible before DatStat. How can we help you?

Our eCRF demo for clinical trials is available anytime. Or, contact us to arrange a custom demo for your project!

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