George Dittmeier, Technologist

    Fresh out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science Program, George started as a software engineer at a local tech start-up. Then a small company named Oracle recruited away. He spent the next eight years working crazy hours while having fun developing some of the most impactful products at that time.

    In time, a co-worker convinced George to take a leap back into the world of start-ups at NetGravity/DoubleClick where he led the development of their web-based UI. After four years, George took a short leave of absence to help Lizza develop DatStat’s first product. Needless to say, it was a long absence. – and the rest is history.

    When asked what he loves about his work, George enthusiastically answers, “I’m very motivated by a challenging problem coupled with a like-minded team who has that same fire in their belly to solve it.”