Healthcare & Research Solutions Consulting

Expert Solutions for Any Problem

Our Solutions Consulting Group helps healthcare systems and research organizations conceptualize, design and build end-to-end solutions on DatStat’s Data Collection Platform. Using best practices in survey design and project management, they ensure quality data collection and improved participation. Coupled with their robust technical proficiency, customer concepts are brought to fruition.

Thank you! You've saved (what was left of) my sanity! Thank you for a very clear, concise, helpful training session!
We’re super-impressed with your turnaround and the work so far - not to mention your professionalism, communication, and follow-through!
The ability to rapidly build a research project, push it to the field, and quickly learn what needs to be tweaked is what makes DatStat extremely valuable.

How We Help

Solutions Consulting - Planning

Project Planning

Facilitate project design and efficient project management utilizing our expertise in research, data collection and advanced technologies.

Solutions Consulting - Survey Program

Survey Programming

Experience in survey design and question mapping ensures optimization of survey layout and logic to assist with user engagement and quality data collection.

Solutions Consulting - Workflow Configuration

Workflow Automation

Leveraging knowledge in workflow design, we analyze project requirements to build a comprehensive workflow that guarantees proper milestones and communications occur.

Solutions Consulting - Training

Individualized Training

One-on-one expert product training sessions ensures a rapid start for your team and transferred product knowledge for your future success.

Solutions Consulting - Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Extensive technical expertise to conceptualize, design, and implement applications that meet your unique needs – maximizing the value of DatStat’s Data Collection Platform

Solutions Consulting - Integration


Technical proficiency and certification allows us to integrate with your third-party system (e.g. EHR systems, data warehouses) for cohesive data processing and reporting.