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The U.S. faces rising medical costs, a massive shortage of primary care providers, an aging population, and nearly 50% of all adults with at least one chronic disease. Through intelligent use of data, there is an opportunity to engage patients in new and productive ways, driving efficiency and better care along the entire continuum. DatStat builds software that does exactly that.

For more than a decade, our software solutions have helped clients collect health data to advance clinical, operational, and research efforts in healthcare. Our solutions delight users and drive lasting change – ultimately making way for a healthier world.

Pioneers in web-based research

In 1996, Lizza was tasked with a study focused on self-initiated behavior change that had no budget, a short timeline and a significant sample size. Lizza knew paper-based methods were out of the question. Rising to this challenge, Lizza and George set out to create a web-based research solution.

The transition from paper-based to web-based surveys made a lasting impact. Managing large, complex, longitudinal studies with was now within reach. No more waiting months or years for results – they were now instantaneous.

Lizza Miller, PH.D

George Dittmeier, Technologist

An ambitious 1st project

Becoming a patient advocate

In a cruel twist of fate, George was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Faced with overwhelming amounts of data and tough decisions – Lizza’s new focus was being the best possible patient advocate for her husband.

Appointments, doctors, and treatments were too numerous to count. Lizza and George were learning first-hand how fragmented our healthcare system was. Important information such as diagnoses, treatment plans, decision guides, adverse events, and lab results were all tracked in different systems with no access to the patient.  None of the systems could reveal to the doctors who George was as a patient, what they cared about as a family, and what data points they needed to measure future treatments and quality of life.

“Many of the relevant and specific factors were solely stored in our heads – together we were the database,” says Lizza.

It was once again time to pioneer a new solution.

Technology is the solution.

DatStat’s experience in data collection makes it possible to capture patient generated health data — giving patients a voice and providers immediate and actionable insights, enabling them to better understand the whole patient.

For over a decade, our solutions have fueled research studies that engage participants with greater frequency and translates scientific intent to meaningful outcomes.

We believe technology is the solution to making complex data collection simpler, to insuring patients do not slip between the cracks, and to ultimately providing insights that will drive lasting change.

Real Stories

Developing a Mega Registry for COPD

Geisinger’s best practices for asthma

A culture of ingenuity.

We can’t help transform healthcare without being a little different.

We hire people who are innovative and passionate about solving even the most complex problems. They think seriously and have a lot of fun along the way. Find out what it’s like to work at DatStat.


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