Patient Experience & Quality

As hospitals and health organizations transition into new health standards, patient experience is vital in driving a quality organization and long lasting relationships with patients – ultimately creating better health and loyalty.

Hospitals benefit from our intelligent web-based rounding application on our Data Collection Platform. Now you can build personalized connections and see real-time actionable insights — ultimately leading to increased personal productivity, organizational effectiveness, and many happy patients.

Datstat Rounding™ Stands Out

It’s more than feedback, it’s personalization

As you engage with patients, we make it possible to capture not only valuable feedback, but detailed notes on what personally matters to the patient – allowing for a more personalized interaction.

Intelligent performance dashboards and reporting

Gain insight into your rounding performance and make informed data-driven decisions through our interactive dashboards and reports.

Real-time, actionable data and insights

By viewing real-time data, it’s easy to make small adjustments in the moment – positively shifting patient experience during their stay.

Track patients over multiple rounds

See a high-level overview of how many patient visits have been completed, or dig deeper and review the complete rounding history.

Everyone can take action with alerts

It’s easy to take immediate action regarding patient concerns. Automatically assign tasks, add detail with photos or voice memos, and track issues to resolution.

Intuitive and flexible technology

DatStat Rounding™ is a powerful application that fully configures to your needs and is a pleasure to use. It provides the flexibility to manage rounding in your own way.

  • Geisinger
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • UMass Memorial