It’s time to think differently

As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care, it’s requiring you to think differently about value. Today’s value focuses on the health outcomes that matter most to the patient, relative to cost. Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) are becoming a primary measure of quality and providers need to layer new patient-centered technology on top of the EHR to engage patients before, during and after care in order to demonstrate value and maximize reimbursement.

“Simply tracking outcomes with patients on anti-depressant medication and sharing their outcomes with physicians led to a two-fold increase in remission.”

~AS Yeung, PMID: 22807244

Patient-Reported Outcomes Improve Care

Tracking outcomes not only demonstrates value, it leads to better care. Population Health Management changes the focus from episodes of care to a longitudinal picture of patient health that’s inclusive of data from multiple sources. DatStat’s Population Health Platform helps connect you with your patient population and systematically track health status and measure what matters most to patients.

Ensure you’re on the track for success

Work with our Solutions Consulting Group and leverage our library of Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs). These measures allow providers to track and report on the success of services in improving quality of life and health. Using these insights, providers can ensure they’re on track for financial success and meeting the demand for value.

Our Solutions Consulting Group will guide you to:

  • Ask the Right Questions – use our standardized, validated PROs or create your own measures to match patient needs.
  • Engage Patients Over Time – longitudinally track outcomes to build a comprehensive view of the individual patient and population as a whole.
  • Real-Time Feedback & Insight – personalize patient experiences and easily report on the success of services provided .
  • Fit Your Workflow – integrate PROs into EMR or existing systems.
  • Fit Your Patients’ Workflow – access PROs anywhere, at any time via any web-enabled device.

Learn More

Leading organizations such as UW Medicine SORCE, IL-Department of Human Services, and UMASS FORCE-TJR use DatStat for their PROs. Let’s get started – schedule a demo to learn more.