Cutting out paper surveys

Research studies have traditionally relied on paper-based methods resulting in extensive, complicated data collection and analysis. This was followed by valuable hours being spent on validation, data entry and many other tedious tasks. Technology eliminates a lot of this work – saving time and resources – by making data collection easier.

DatStat’s Data Collection Platform powers some of the most complex and largest research programs in the world. With a highly scalable product suite and comprehensive services, DatStat is proud to support newly funded principal investigators, leading behavioral science and health research institutions, and everything in between.

Built for versatility, DatStat offers a unified platform approach that supports a wide range of research needs including:

  • Online surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys (CAPI), including off-line mode
  • Audio-assisted surveys (ACASI)
  • Multi-lingual surveys
  • Multi-mode studies
  • FDA regulated clinical studies
The ability to rapidly build a research project, push it to the field, and quickly learn what needs to be tweaked is what makes DatStat extremely valuable.
The DatStat interface is incredibly useful for orchestrating research across multiple sites and investigative teams.
You can find all the online survey options you want…but they don’t have the participant management and workflow management that DatStat does – and that’s the difficult part of research.

Use Cases For Research

Research Studies

Automating research and improving data

Impacted by government cut backs and changing priorities, researchers are under tremendous pressure to conduct more studies with fewer resources and support. Automation is required to better manage the process, improve data accuracy and significantly lower costs for all types of research.

DatStat’s Data Collection Platform can power the simplest to the most complex research methodology – including behavioral, longitudinal, and mixed-mode. We partner with top researchers throughout their study – from study inception through submission, with a data collection platform and services that help maximize response rates, save time, and increase data quality.


Effective interventions through accessibility

The growth of the internet has provided greater access to a wider population than ever before. 91% of American adults use cell phones; 56% have smart phones. This accessibility gives online and mobile interventions the potential to provide a more cost-effective, accessible, and scalable alternative to traditional face-to-face methods.

DatStat supports both the study and delivery of online and mobile behavioral interventions. Our Data Collection Platform offers sophisticated questionnaire capabilities with real-time scoring and tailored feedback. These capabilities are amplified with automated workflow, providing a unified platform to support your data collection, intervention content, and health coaching task management needs.

Clinical trials

Improving clinical trials with intuitive technology

With more restrictive FDA regulations and the increased cost of conducting clinical trials, researchers are turning to technology for their data collection needs. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems have proven to reduce queries, improve data quality, and get to lock faster, but at what cost?

DatStat offers a cloud-based EDC solution with electronic case report forms (eCRFs) that are easily built without the need for technical resources. Our eCRFs are reusable and easy to adapt, allowing for quick edits while always maintaining data integrity. Designed with a modern interface, screens are highly intuitive making the process more efficient for everyone. Our open API makes new capabilities practical and data integration seamless. Our team of experts supports you by providing study build, data management, training, and validation services.

DatStat works with leaders like Amgen, Mauro New Media, Optum, Pfizer and many more in the CRO, pharma/biotech, devices and diagnostics, academic and government sectors.


Identify trends with one versatile platform

Providers and researchers are using patient registries to gain insight of patient care and outcomes, Likewise, disease or patient registries are commonly used to collect secondary data related to a specific diagnosis, condition, or procedure. These registries play an important role in post marketing surveillance of pharmaceuticals. The sophistication of registries has led to the need for very complex databases that are accessed online across multiple institutions on a global basis.

Datstat’s Data Collection Platform adapts quickly and makes it possible for clinical teams to collect, analyze and understand their data faster and with fewer resources. Our system has an intuitive interface, dynamic workflow, remote access and integrated reporting — enabling collaboration at a local or global level. Patient-sensitive data is securely managed within our HIPAA compliant software.

Leading organizations such as COPD FoundationOptum and UMASS Medical School run their registries on DatStat.

Real Stories


More than 24 million Americans suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a serious lung disease that robs individuals of their ability to breathe. The COPD Foundation is developing the Patient-Powered Research Network registry – COPD360. DatStat’s platform was selected to manage both the patient-centered data capture and overall data management for this mega-registry. This initiative has enormous potential to reduce overall morbidity and improve daily life for millions of individuals who live with this disease.

A research registry of more than 100,000 individuals with COPD who have agreed to share the impact this disease has on their lives.

Global Health

Understanding global health issues

From sub-Saharan Africa to Middle East deserts, researchers work tirelessly to solve some of the most complex and dire global health problems. The right technology is required to deliver scale and reach. Success can depend on the technology’s ability to adapt to very challenging conditions and diverse cultures.

DatStat’s Data Collection Platform meets the challenges of global research. We combine versatile data collection options (mobile and tablet-based surveys) with remote surveying capabilities and built-in secure data transfer. Our versatile data collection interface supports simple to complex questions, multi-lingual questionnaires, as well as visuals and audio, including Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview (ACASI). Our unified platform enables real-time access to data and reporting, providing valuable insight on study progress.

DatStat is the platform of choice of SCHARP (Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center) in South Africa and Zambia, as well as Liverpool school of tropical medicine in Malawi.

Our Data Collection and Insight Platform

Engaging Interface

Increased response rates and participation through convenient and engaging surveys.

Scoring & Advanced Logic

Provides real-time insight, accuracy and sophisticated participant tracking.

Real-time Insight

Online automation save times, reduced data entry and cleansing and work management.