Integrated software for total research management

DatStat Discovery™ and Illume™ combine to form the online solution that’s powerful enough to manage your entire study. Replace inconsistent spreadsheet data and unorganized paper forms with a complete electronic data capture and research management suite used by top healthcare and research institutions around the world.

DatStat Discovery™

The first and only software system that manages participants, contact information, and outreach for patient workflow and clinical research. As the companion to DatStat Illume, Discovery gives you the efficiency of automation while maintaining strict adherence to protocol.
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DatStat Illume™

Unmatched flexibility for online capture of clean, consistent data. Illume is fully validated for 21 CFR Part 11, with security and reliability strong enough to support clinical trials and patient data. Plus, features such multi-lingual support, multi-site management, and offline surveys make Illume flexible enough to support regional health systems, global clinical trials, and more.
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