DatStat Illume Add-on Modules

Whether you are creating a global survey — or need to reach respondents in an village located halfway around the globe — DatStat Illume features the specialized modules required for complex survey creation, efficient data collection, and centralized data management:


Optional, Add-on Modules

Remote Data Collection

DatStat Illume is there even when your study calls for field-based interviewing or sends your research team to far-flung locations without reliable Internet access. The Remote Data Collection (RDC) module allows for the flexibility of an online survey without the requirement of an Internet connection. RDC increases the security, accuracy, and efficiency of field-based interviewing in any of these situations:

Increase security
With seamless, fully encrypted data upload, interviewers can “synchronize” survey data with the secure server as soon as they’re back online. Once uploaded, the collected data can be deleted from laptops or other portable devices for security and privacy purposes — a big advantage over paper surveys or unencrypted data that could become lost, damaged, or stolen.
Improve study accuracy
Eliminate the cost and errors of double-entry with RDC. By inputting data directly into Illume while offline, you’ll remove the need to capture data on paper before manually inputting that same information into your database. Plus Illume’s validation features improve data quality by immediately identifying missing and out-of-range values.
Maximize staff efficiency
RDC also saves a tremendous amount of time and research costs by making it simple to capture data electronically at the interview site, then sync up with ease. Also, field-based interviewers can upload data files and download new questionnaire versions whenever they’re online, saving time and travel expenses associated with coming to a central office.

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Multilingual surveys

One survey, translated in up to 100 languages, with all responses feeding a single dataset. The Multilingual module in DatStat Illume makes it possible. It’s the ultimate software for creating efficiencies and improving the participant experience with translated surveys.

Use DatStat Illume with the multilingual module to:

The DatStat Illume Multilingual Module consists of three components:

Translation Package Creator
Create ready-to-send XML files that maintain your survey schema and include translation vendor instructions. Illume provides the flexibility to choose which survey items to include and exclude for time and money savings.
Translation Editor
If your organization has translators in-house, they’ll interact with the easy-to-use editor to make direct translations or edit an existing translation package. The translation editor displays the contents of your translation package and maintains design attributes such as font color, bold-face, and underlined text throughout the translated survey.
See the Translation Editor in action
Translation Manager
Once your vendor completes survey translation, the translation manager seamlessly integrates the XML file back into your survey, complete with questions, user instructions, error messages, and custom end pages. You still have the capability to easily add, update, or remove translations from the pre-translated survey.

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Data Change management

Imagine updating submitted data without using Excel! It’s possible with the DatStat Data Change Module, which allows study and clinical staff to quickly and easily change survey and form data without the need for an export and re-import.
This saves time and money on data cleanup for newly collected data. It also assists with updating of existing data for better quality and consistency over time.
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Survey research API/SDK

Most clients use DatStat Illume to build complex surveys without programming. We offer the DatStat Illume™ SDK for organizations that have:

The DatStat REST-based API allows developers to easily integrate DatStat products into your existing data infrastructure and create additional customization. DatStat engineers are also available on a consulting basis, at standard rates, to assist with custom programming. Here are just a few ways that DatStat clients have put the SDK to use for their custom survey and participant feedback needs:

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Modules included with the Illume license

Survey Data Import

DatStat Illume™ has been proven to reduce costs up to 85 percent for research survey projects that require data collection, management, and scrubbing. The Data Import module brings your legacy data from other survey systems or media, such as paper, into an Illume survey. Data Import also facilitates data recoding, data modifications, and removal of variables or submissions.

Users can perform test imports to verify data structure or test actual survey submissions. The Data Cleanse options ensure that survey logic from the external data does not affect the imported data in Illume. A variety of error reporting options are also included for increased data integrity and a smooth import process.
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Survey Quota Module

Control the number of study participants who are allowed to take your online survey, based on criteria – including multiple considerations – that you specify. The Quota Management module in DatStat Illume allows one or more quota groups to be created in a survey, each of which can contain multiple quotas.

Quota management provides highly configurable, logic-based capabilities to conform to your study plan:

  • Control: number of survey participants allowed to participate in a given survey
  • Define: one or more quota conditions with simple to complex criteria
  • Constrain: flexibly define the actions to be taken once a given quota has been filled
  • Monitor: view your quotas and progress in Data Manager