About DatStat

DatStat enables hospitals, universities, medical groups, CROs, and integrated healthcare organizations to have real-time interactions with their patients, research participants, and providers, so they can deliver improved health outcomes around the world. DatStat delivers its products and services through the application of sustainable business practices and its deeply customer-centric culture.

Our vision is to improve the health and well-being of humankind through the development and delivery of software products that allow our customers to attain a deeper understanding of and more meaningful interactions with those they serve.


In 1996, our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Lizza Miller, conducted one of the first web-based surveys in the field of psychology — a pre-post test that sought to understand how people change behavior. After talking with other innovative researchers who needed help to begin using the web for data capture, Lizza and co-founder George Dittmeier realized there was a real demand in the market for a flexible and robust online survey solution. Thus, DatStat was born.

Initially, our customers needed us to serve as a full-service consulting firm. We used our expertise to design survey forms, develop web-based systems, build tailored reporting and feedback solutions, host servers, and, of course, make the necessary revisions once each research project was live and in the field.

Web technology matured and the infrastructure for do-it-yourself (DIY) survey tools emerged. After developing nearly 50 custom systems, we took that knowledge and launched the award-winning, extremely flexible DatStat Illume multi-mode survey platform.

However, data capture is just one piece of the puzzle. So, we continued listening to our customers and built dozens of custom workflow automation solutions to integrate with Illume. Again, all of this knowledge and experience led to a commercial-quality product, DatStat Discovery, which stands alone as the only web-based, configurable solution for protocol automation, campaign management, panel management and study tracking.

DatStat has always been ahead of the curve. We listen to our customers so that we can anticipate their needs before they even realize they have them and work diligently to build solutions.

Please contact us to discuss how DatStat can support your research.