Finally, a Population Health Platform That Fits

Our population health platform enables you to systematically measure what matters most and deliver enterprise solutions that engage patients and deliver value.

A patient-centered approach

Value-based healthcare requires a patient-centered population health strategy, focused on engaging patients in a new level of data that leads to greater insights, superior care and more effective health tracking over time.

Our Population Health Platform helps you fill the gaps and add value to your current EHR system, allowing for a more comprehensive picture of patient health in the real world.

“DatStat allows us to monitor for changes in asthma patients while at home and in the clinic – making it possible to better manage their asthma and prevent unnecessary emergency care.”

– Dr. Allison Freeman, Geisinger Health

What sets us apart?

15+ years in population health
2M+ Lives on our Platform
100+ Active Customers

Our technology is used by the most respected research & healthcare organizations

  • CAMH Center for Addiction and Mental Health
  • UMass Memorial
  • Lifespan
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Dana-Farber
  • Seattle Children's
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Group Health
  • Geisinger
  • COPD Foundation
  • Caron


Our Solutions

Our platform-powered solutions are built for a patient-centered, value oriented healthcare industry.

DatStat is collaborating with leading pediatric transplant programs to engage patients post transplant — through easy, mobile solutions.
Learn more about our Post-Transplant app
Layer new patient-centered technology on top of the EHR to engage patients, demonstrate value and maximize reimbursement.
Learn more about our PRO solutions
Develop a longitudinal picture of population health by supplementing EHR data with insights into patient lives outside of the clinic.
Learn more about our registry solutions
Health researchers improve outcomes with technology that automates data collection and is built for the complexities of today’s health research.
Learn more about our health research solutions

Customer Stories

COPD Foundation is pushing the boundaries of patient-centered research with their patient powered research network.

Geisinger Health System is regarded as a leader in healthcare, in respect to both their care delivery model and innovation in technology.

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Learn more about how leading organizations use our Population Health Platform for Patient Reported Outcomes, Patient Registries and Population Health Research. We’re happy to answer questions or schedule a demo.