Introducing Illume Next, The Latest Version of Our Survey Software

By Chris Maconi | @ChrisMaconi

The world of computing has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. For decades, to be on a computer meant being tied to a desk somewhere, tapping away on a physical keyboard, and point and clicking away on a mouse. That experience has been replaced by a largely mobile one, full of virtual keyboards and endless swiping and scrolling. In fact, over 60% of online users come from mobile sources . We observed this trend in health research as well, and understand that to engage participants in the modern era – online surveys and forms must function seamlessly via their tablets and smartphones.

Illume Next Product Update

Responsive Design

To meet this demand for mobility and flexibility, we are excited to introduce Illume Next, featuring our next generation survey software. In layman’s terms – “Responsive Design”. Surveys or forms created using DatStat’s Data Collection Platform will automatically adapt to the device being used to view it (e.g. smartphone, tablet, or desktop), saving you from the hassles of design and coding. Of course, some people want complete control over the design of their surveys, so there remains an option within our survey software to tweak all aspects of the design across each of the device types (e.g. smartphone, tablet, desktop). Our responsive design can lead to dramatically improved response rates and higher levels of engagement. Your participants are using smartphones for everything – now they can also provide important study data!

Other Features

Along with creating beautiful surveys, we continually think about making our customers’ lives easier by simplifying processes. So, with this product update we have also added:

  • Background task processing, allowing you to perform bulk tasks while continuing to work on other activities.
  • A simplified version of our styling editor, making it easy to add an organization logo and custom colors.
  • Enhanced remote data collection capabilities, with an intuitive user interface and more efficient data syncing.

The modern era of health research and patient-centered care demands better accessibility and functionality. Illume Next is our answer to this demand.

Illume Next Product Update

Chris is the CPO at DatStat. He brings more than 15 years of software product experience, with a proven ability to transform industries through the application of innovative technology solutions. His strong belief in design-driven product development and experience building scalable, data centric platforms is transforming how healthcare delivery and research organizations interact and engage with their patients.

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