Crowdshaped COPD: Recap

By Chris Maconi | @ChrisMaconi

Renee and I recently returned from the Novartis and COPD Foundation sponsored two day Crowdshaped COPD event, hosted in San Francisco. This confab brought together thought leaders, big thinkers, and creatives from various industries and disciplines, assembled from around the world with the goal of brainstorming and developing innovation concepts that would improve the lives of patients with COPD.

The two day problem solving collaborative was organized through a series of brainstorming exercises and team-centered rapid design sessions, based on the areas of interest and expertise of event participants. Ideas were converted into presentations, which were filmed and uploaded to the COPD Foundation’s Crowdshaped site for judging and commentary overnight by the COPD360social community. You can still participate in the conversation – vote and comment on ideas or propose your own idea – by making a profile on their site, COPD360Social. Here are the ideas from Renee’s team (left) and my team (right).

You can find the other teams’ videos, as well as some of the inspirational patient videos, on their site as well.

The major areas of focus were on hardware and mobile applications, with an emphasis on big data, predictive analytics, sensor based monitoring, hardware integration and anywhere/anytime mobile apps. All of the ideas generated were considered “Open” and available for anyone to carry forward for the benefit of the community, with no expectation that the COPD Foundation, or Novartis, would own any of the concepts or ideas generated during the session.

It is not often that you see big pharma look outside their own four walls. Kudos to Novartis; they are clearly willing to take risks and reach out to the community to fuel the flames of innovation. I hope this is just the beginning of a larger set of innovation initiatives aimed at bringing a startup mindset to larger, well capitalized institutions within healthcare. Count me in.

Crowdshaped COPD: Recap

Chris is the CPO at DatStat. He brings more than 15 years of software product experience, with a proven ability to transform industries through the application of innovative technology solutions. His strong belief in design-driven product development and experience building scalable, data centric platforms is transforming how healthcare delivery and research organizations interact and engage with their patients.

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