stopCOPD ResearchKit App & the Patient-Powered Research Network

COPD Foundation, in collaboration with the DatStat team, is expanding their efforts to improve the lives of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with stopCOPD. The new iPhone app is a seamless extension of the current online patient portal for the COPD Patient-Powered Research Network (COPD PPRN). It is built on the recently released ResearchKit open source framework designed by Apple, which expands recruitment and data collection possibilities for researchers at the foundation.

The StopCOPD app also makes it easier for participants to quickly register and participate in the COPD PPRN. Participant data is obtained through the use of:

  • Regular assessments;
  • Daily and/or weekly tasks; and
  • Health data tracked through the iPhone or Apple HealthKit app-linked device.
stopCOPD ResearchKit App
stopCOPD ResearchKit App

Personalized feedback is given to participants through a dashboard, accessed via the app or online patient portal, giving greater insights into their COPD or respiratory symptoms. This data is also used to provide tailored content, allowing participants to learn more about COPD symptoms, risk factors, and tips for how to minimize these.

The COPD Foundation has worked diligently to be valuable for patients and the primary resource for all things COPD. Some of their other recent efforts include Crowdshaped COPD, PRAXIS, and the pioneering online patient community, COPD360social.

stopCOPD will be available for download on November 30th in the Apple iTunes App store. Learn more about integrating Apple ResearchKit with an online data capture solution by contacting us.

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