Pennsylvania State University – Creating Safer Campuses with Research

PennStateResearchers at Pennsylvania State University launched a student survey in a multi-pronged ongoing initiative to create a safer environment across the university’s 23 campus locations. The survey was sent to 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Student responses will remain anonymous due to some questions asking about personal experiences, perceptions and the behavior of bystanders.

The Penn State Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey is being used to achieve several goals, including:

    • Achieving a better understanding of students’ perceptions of how sexual misconduct cases are treated by the university, as well as their peers.
    • Helping gauge student knowledge about resources available regarding sexual misconduct and other Title IX issues.
    • Estimating prevalence rates of various forms of sexual misconduct victimization and perpetration.

The information will help provide the best estimate possible of the scope of the problem across all Penn State locations, as well as the role alcohol plays in such events. Ultimately, it will assist in decision making regarding education and programming focused on reducing sexual misconduct at the University.

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