DatStat in the News: Patient Centric Tech Key to Successful Health Outcomes

By Lizza Miller

As a leader in Population Health, DatStat is thrilled to see our work highlighted by industry experts as an example of an organization effectively using mobile to bring a seamless approach to patient data collection and care. In recent weeks we received coverage in Chilmark Research and Forbes highlighting our approach! Links to both articles below.

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Technology alone isn’t the cure for reducing costs in the U.S. health care system however. Instead as Dave points out in his Forbes article, true change requires a fundamental shift towards a system which rewards value. Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) as we call it in the industry is becoming the new bar to measure the quality and effectiveness of care. This approach focuses on employing technology to engage with patients throughout the care cycle – before, during, and after.

Tracking and analyzing these data sets allows healthcare providers to gain a longitudinal picture of a patient’s health. Our Population Health Platform does just that; it helps connect healthcare providers with patients in a remarkable way which creates transparency and facilitates meaningful dialogue between both parties, improving how care is administered.

Finally, while technology may level the playing field for patients across broad demographics, ensuring easy access to technology by eliminating barriers to use is also a must. Too often as Naveen mentioned in his article, patients are forced to setup and login into third party systems which often feel cumbersome and challenging to use. This, as he explains, can lead to a workflow problem which discourages patients from using technology. Instead, as we’ve focused on with our offering, it’s about making it easy for patients and care providers alike to use technology seamlessly. DatStat’s population health platform is an end to end solution that can be used to support the entire process or plugged in to work with existing tools and systems – no religion here – it’s all about flexibility!

We’re excited to continue to work with our partners to deliver better outcomes for their patients by using technology. Stay tuned for more updates from us this year.

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