DatStat Adherence

Foster Adherence, and improve outcomes

DatStat’s proven methodology of patient engagement and adherence tracking means you can be your patients’ guide, automatically providing them with timely medication adherence and treatment adherence reminders.  All using technology they already have with them everyday.

Virtually, never leave their side


Meet them where they are at

Your patients spend most of their life outside the four walls of your clinic, and daily check-ins using clinical personnel are simply not possible with today’s shrinking budgets and overworked staff. With DatStat Adherence, our platform does the work for you, automating adherence check-ins through the use of technologies your patients already have at their side, their phone. All with no extra apps to install or update.


Tracking activities are quick and simple

With DatStat Adherence, patients receive SMS and/or email based notifications that trigger them to take the desired action, and allow them to conveniently record their adherence (or non-adherence) quickly and easily, through an engaging experience. We also let you manage patient level preferences for notification timing and frequency.


Monitor and track patient adherence over time

DatStat Adherence includes a clinician/coordinator facing application that allows you and your team to easily monitor individual patient adherence, and includes the ability to view adherence information trended over time.  When you capture multiple data points, you can even chart adherence data against other data points, for example, pain, to see how adherence impacts other parts of their lives.


Identify non-adherence and take action

DatStat Adherence means never having to wonder whether or not your patients are adhering to your care protocols once they leave your clinic. Our dashboard allows you to easily identify which of your patients are moving out of compliance through a simple green, yellow, and red categorization model.  Quickly investigate, and intervene, including the ability to fire off a motivational secure message!


How we help you improve adherence


Patient CRM

Assemble a robust profile and history of your patients’ adherence activities, including visualization of trended adherence data, and use that profile to communicate and monitor their adherence in real-time.


Secure Messaging

When patients aren’t adhering take action through secure messaging, and with DatStat, you can rest assured that your communications are HIPAA secure and retained for future data mining of interactions.


Medication and Care Plan Adherence

Monitor your patients’ participation in
regular adherence updates, including adherence across multiple goals or


Longitudinal Patient Tracking

By tracking adherence objectives over time, you will gain more insight into what your patients are up to between visits, and how they are behaving over time.

datstat adherence app


Trends and Insights

Track your patients’ adherence and visualize the data points most important to their positive health outcomes, even make them available to both clinicians and patients alike.


Campaign Automation

Enroll patients in adherence centered campaigns, which can include sophisticated, data driven rules that allow you to tailor the experience to the individual needs of your patient population.


Notify and Trigger

Engaging patients in adherence activities requires the right trigger in the right place at the right time, and our solutions put those triggers where your patients already are – into their email and messaging apps.

We ease the pain, so that you can focus on doing the same.

DatStat has two decades of experience delighting customers and delivering digital health research and clinical solutions. Our team will work closely with your team to help you understand how our solutions are changing patient lives, and transforming the bond between patient and provider. Through our proven implementation model, we will work to bring your solution to life, integrating your branding, content, and
protocols, and because of our platform approach, we can take you from idea to reality faster than you ever thought possible. It really is that easy.

Let us help you transform how you connect and care for your patients by connecting with us today.