DatStat Daily Diary

Proactive daily diaries: efficient, friendly, and fun.

Daily diaries have never been more engaging, or accessible to researchers. DatStat Daily Diary includes automated triggers and notifications, delivered directly to participants, using apps they already have and use every day.  Integrating daily diaries into your next study just became a no brainer, regulated or not.

When the data needs to be daily


Getting data daily shouldn’t be hard

Your study participants lead busy lives, and they have much competing for their attention. Getting their time is hard enough, and trying to do it daily, forget about it. That is where DatStat Daily Diary comes in. Be in the field capturing data for your diary study in days, not months, with engaging forms that they will actually want to complete.


Keep an eye on things from anywhere, in real-time

DatStat Daily Diary includes a coordinator focused application that let’s you keep an eye on your participants from anywhere in the world, allowing you to view their data in real-time. With DatStat Daily Diary’s green, yellow, red indicators, you can quickly see who isn’t keeping up with their daily reporting, so that you can intervene to get them back on track.


Don’t make them jump through hoops

Committing to a diary study, and the daily data capture it requires, can be a big step for research participants. DatStat Daily Diary allows you to respect their time and energy, by providing them with unobtrusive reminders, and quick entry forms that engage.  Your participants can get the job done quickly without disrupting their lives.


Keep it secure, and compliant

We know that your daily data capture can involve PHI, or may be part of a clinical trial, and security and compliance are top of mind when looking for a data capture product. With DatStat Daily Diary we have you covered, providing you with both HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution.


datstat econsent

Data each day, keeps your study in play


Study CRM

Assemble a robust profile of your participants, and their daily diary activities.  Use that profile to monitor and manage your study in real-time.


Secure Messaging

Conveniently, and securely, communicate with study participants, and rest assured that your communications are HIPAA compliant and retained for future data mining of interactions.


Daily Data Capture and Education

Once enrolled, you can monitor your participant’s daily data capture activities, and provide study, condition, and event specific educational content, including the ability to measure and track educational understanding.


Longitudinal Tracking

By tracking daily activities over time, you will gain more insight into what your participants are up to as they use your product, service, or intervention.

datstat daily


Trends and Insights

Track the data points most important to your participants and your study, and make them available to both study staff and patients alike. Or don’t. It’s up to you!


Campaign Automation

Enroll participants in daily data capture campaigns, which can include sophisticated, data driven rules that allow you to tailor the experience to the individual needs of your research study.


Notify and Trigger

Engaging participants in your diary study requires the right trigger in the right place at the right time, and DatStat Daily puts those triggers where your patients already are – into their email and messaging apps.

We ease the pain, so that you can focus on doing the same.

DatStat has two decades of experience delighting customers and delivering digital health research and clinical solutions. Our team will work closely with your team to help you understand how are solutions are changing patient lives, and transforming the bond between patient and provider. Through our proven implementation model, we will work to bring your solution to life, integrating your branding, content, and protocols, and because of our platform approach, we can take you from idea to reality faster than you ever thought possible. It really is that easy.

Let us help you transform how you connect and care for your patients by connecting with us today.