DatStat PRO

Close your data gaps, and improve their care.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO or ePRO), programs help you fill in the gaps of patient understanding, providing you with an additional rich source of patient data, which when combined with other healthcare eco-system data, can fuel your population health initiatives to new heights.

Measure what matters most


Change starts with measurement

It is said that you can’t change what you haven’t measured, and DatStat PRO allows you to more effectively drive behavior change within your population by measuring where they are at in the journey today, and where they will go tomorrow.


Our PRO measures are flexible and play well with others

DatStat’s platform approach to solution delivery means you are not locked in to any specific Patient Reported Outcome measure or group of measures, allowing you to use industry standard measures as a jumping off point for your tailored PRO measures. No rigid hard coding here.


Claims and EHR data streams aren’t enough

DatStat’s PRO customers realize that population health initiatives focused on claims and EHR data are not enough, having tapped into the rich opportunities to be mined from the additional stream of patient reported data.


With our platform, you can land and expand

DatStat’s platform approach allows customer organizations to start with a single Patient Reported Outcomes measure, with the ability to expand over time.  And because we start with our DatStat Connect platform, you are all the while building out a unified, robust patient profile on the backend.



DatStat is Your PRO Engine


Patient CRM

Assemble a robust profile and history of your patients’ Patient Reported Outcomes submissions, and use that profile to communicate and monitor their PRO activities in real time.


Secure Messaging

Secure messaging between patients and clinicians has never been easier or more convenient, and with DatStat, you can rest assured that your communications are HIPAA secure and retained for future data mining of interactions.


Education and Care Plans

Enroll and monitor your patients’ participation in Patient Reported Outcomes programs, condition and event specific education and care plans, including the ability to track adherence and educational understanding.


Longitudinal Patient Tracking

By tracking Patient Reported Outcomes measures over time, you will gain more insight into what your patients are up to between visits.



Trends and Insights

Chart data from the Patient Reported Outcomes measures most important to your patients and their positive health outcomes and share them with clinicians and patients alike.


Campaign Automation

Enroll patients in PRO centered campaigns, which can include sophisticated data driven rules that allow you to tailor the experience to the individual needs of your patient populations.


Notify and Trigger

Engaging patients in PRO activities requires the right trigger in the right place at the right time, and our
solutions put those triggers where your patients already are – into their email and messaging apps.

We ease the pain, so that you can focus on doing the same.

DatStat has two decades of experience delighting customers and delivering automated care management and patient engagement solutions. Our team will work closely with your team to help you understand how our digital health solutions are changing patient lives, and transforming the bond between patient and provider. Through our proven implementation model, we will work to bring your solution to life, integrating your branding, content, and care pathways, and because of our platform approach, we can take you from idea to reality faster than you ever thought possible. It really is that easy.

Leverage our library of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs). These measures allow providers to track and report on the success of services in improving quality of life and health. Using these insights, providers can ensure they’re on track for financial success and meeting the demand for value.

Have your own set of standard measures? No problem, quickly implement your own measures on the DatStat platform.

Let us help you transform how you connect and care for your patients by connecting with us today.