Reach consumers, and keep the ones you have.

Patients have more choices for their healthcare then ever, and connecting to stay front and center in their minds has never been more important.


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Find new consumers, and build your brand

DatStat’s patient engagement solutions allow you to reach consumers through online campaigns that keep your brand front and center, and identify opportunities to drive in clinic encounters.


Reduce appointment breakage

Our patient CRM allows you to engage with patients in the lead up to scheduled appointments, including the ability to send reminders, instructions, and forms ahead of the appointment, ensuring compliance with appointment prerequisites.


Understand your patients like never before

As you interact with your patients, DatStat solutions allow you to build up a robust patient profile, that can include details about their health history, preferences, and more, and you can use this information to drive personalized marketing and wellness campaigns.


Keep consumers in your orbit

Competition for consumers in healthcare is as fierce as ever, and preventing patient leakage has never been more important to the top line. DatStat solutions allow you to reach and engage consumers, to keep your hospital or health system top of mind.


One platform to rule them all

DatStat’s platform approach to patient engagement and digital health solutions means that your organizations investment in patient CRM can span from marketing into care delivery, building a complete understanding of your patients, and their lives and behaviors outside of the clinic’s four walls.


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Connect Like Never Before


Patient CRM

Assemble a robust profile and history of your patients’ non-clinical interactions, and use that profile to communicate and monitor their activities in real-time.


Reminders and Triggers

Remind patients about important activities and commitments like scheduled appointments and follow-ups, and trigger desired behaviors using technologies they already use.


Secure Messaging

Secure messaging between patients and healthcare providers has never been easier or more convenient, and with DatStat, you can rest assured that your communications are HIPAA secure and retained for future data mining of interactions.


Assessments & Engagement

Provide patient assessments that can identify opportunities to acquire new patients, and engage them in their health and wellness, all while using that information to drive encounters.

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Education & Preparation

Monitor your patients’ preparation for scheduled appointments, including the ability to track preparation adherence and educational understanding.


Campaign Automation

Selectively campaign to your patients, including a sophisticated rules engine that allows you to tailor the experience to the needs of your patients’ and marketing programs.


Trends & Insights

Track the data points most important to your marketing programs, and gain insight into patient preferences and behavior.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Using DatStat we have been able to close important care gaps – we were able to identify and monitor 25% of our patients who met criteria for depression, and similarly, we identified 11% of asthma patients whose disease was not well controlled.”


We ease the pain, so that you can focus on doing the same.

DatStat has two decades of experience delighting customers and delivering automated care management and patient engagement solutions. Our team will work closely with your team to help you understand how our digital health solutions are changing patient lives, and transforming the bond between patient and provider. Through our proven implementation model, we will work to bring your solution to life, integrating your branding, content, and care pathways, and because of our platform approach, we can take you from idea to reality faster than you ever thought possible. It really is that easy.

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