Patient Centered, Outcomes Focused Clinical Care.

Empowering patients to improve outcomes requires more than just an EHR, it requires digital health and patient engagement solutions that inform, engage, and connect them to their care team seamlessly, where ever, whenever.


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Increase Loyalty and Improve Outcomes

DatStat customers are increasing patient loyalty and improving their outcomes through ongoing measurement (Patient Reported Outcomes, health assessments, surveys, adherence check-ins, etc.), automated follow-up, digital interventions, and adherence monitoring solutions delivered on the DatStat platform.


Address your patients’ complex needs

Our digital health platform approach allows providers to deploy patient engagement campaigns, self-care management plans and digital interventions, handling multiple concurrent conditions on a single backend, using one or more patient facing app experiences, building a consolidated patient profile along the way.


Stay Connected and in the Loop

DatStat’s patient engagement solutions include tailored clinician portals that allow you and your team to quickly and easily manage patient activities, monitor patient activity results, visually trend data, and securely communicate with your patients, all from a single, easy to use interface.


Do it your way, not ours

Our digital health solutions fit into your workflow, using your care management plans and content, and it allows us to shrink the time needed to conceptualize, design, launch, and iterate, your next patient engagement or digital health solution.


Intervene when it matters

When you have a full picture of your engaged patient, and the lives they lead, you are better prepared to intervene and measure their outcomes on an ongoing basis, and our solutions allow you to detect, notify, and intervene automatically.


Connect Like Never Before


Healthcare CRM

Assemble a robust profile and history of your patients’ non-clinical interactions, and use that profile to communicate and monitor their activities in real-time.



Driving behavior change requires the right trigger in the right place at the right time, and our solutions put those triggers where your patients already are – into their email and messaging apps. Our easy daily check-ins automatically remind your patients and track how they are doing with their care plan, meds, or anything else you may want to track. Learn More!


Remote Patient Monitoring

Enroll and monitor your patients’ participation in condition and event specific education and care management plans, including the ability to track adherence and educational understanding.


Patient Reported Outcomes

Understand what your patients are up to between visits using Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), assessments, and Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD). Learn More!


Patient Engagement

Track the data points most important to your patients and their positive health outcomes, and make them available to both clinicians and patients alike.


Care Plans & Education

Provide your patients with pre and post visit care plans and educational content, and ensure they have seen and understand the content, including the ability to automatically intervene when they don’t. Clinical staff can easily track how their patients are doing against the plan, and even reach out via secure messaging.


Secure Messaging

Secure messaging between patients and clinicians has never been more convenient, and with DatStat, you can rest assured everything is secure and retained for future interactions.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Using DatStat we have been able to close important care gaps – we were able to identify and monitor 25% of our patients who met criteria for depression, and similarly, we identified 11% of asthma patients whose disease was not well controlled.”


We ease the pain, so that you can focus on doing the same.

DatStat has two decades of experience delighting customers and delivering automated care management and patient engagement solutions. Our team will work closely with your team to help you understand how our digital health solutions are changing patient lives, and transforming the bond between patient and provider. Through our proven implementation model, we will work to bring your solution to life, integrating your branding, content, and care pathways, and because of our platform approach, we can take you from idea to reality faster than you ever thought possible. It really is that easy.

Let us help you transform how you connect and care for your patients by connecting with us today.