Patient Centered Platform.

DatStat’s cloud based platform puts the patient at the center, whether at the center of care, or the center the next big clinical trial. Our platform is helping clinicians and researchers engage, empower, and connect with patients like never before.

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A Platform Approach

DatStat clinical trial and clinical care solutions are based on our cloud based, patient engagement platform, used by today’s most innovative, leading healthcare organizations. Working closely with customers to understand the specific needs of their department, program, or project, the DatStat team will configure, not hard-code, your solution into our web-based platform. Simply put, we can get your project launched much faster than custom, hard-coded, or paper based solutions, and by putting patients at the center, they get directly involved in the process – improving communication and making your team more effective, all while improving their outcomes.

The Power is in the Platform

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Get off the ground faster

Our customers go from idea to reality much faster than competitive approaches. DatStat solutions are ‘configured’, not coded by developers, meaning your program can get into the field and start measuring effectiveness and improving outcomes in record time.


Start simple and grow from there

DatStat’s platform is built with the knowledge that where you start is rarely where you stop, and our campaign workflow model allows our customer’s to have the freedom to make changes as they learn in the field.


Build one profile to rule them all

Because all of your clinical trial and clinical care apps are built on a unified backend, you can assemble one patient profile and master view of that patient’s status, and progress across conditions, trials, and interactions.


Reach them where they already are

Your patients spend the majority of their life outside of the four walls of your site or clinic, and DatStat’s platform allows you to reach out and engage them while they are out in the world through interactions and activities embedded into apps they are already using on their devices and computers.


Rest knowing your data are safe and sound

We know that data security and regulatory compliance are a way of life for healthcare and research organizations, and our cloud based platform is not only HIPAA complaint, but also 21 CFR Part 11 ready.


Platform Capabilities


Patient Profile & Management


Secure Messaging & Alerts


Patient Tracking,


Educational Content


Patient Trends & Reporting


Rules Engine + Automated Workflows


Data Storage & Transport


& Interop