The Next Era In Modern Research

For the past 16 years, DatStat has powered health research with Illume, our survey software and participant management technology. Over time, the way participants engage with technology has changed – in fact, the connection between people and technology has never been stronger. Participants now expect to be able to do everything on their smartphone, including taking online surveys.


Responsive Survey Design

With Illume Next, we help you focus on using technology to engage your participants through online surveys or forms which are optimized for all devices – without losing the advanced survey capabilities you need to support today’s modern era of health research. With a consistent user experience, it’s now easy to collect data anytime, from any place, and any device.

Personalized Online Surveys

Make your online surveys and forms beautifully simple and maintain consistency across devices by using our new survey design editor. Save hours of set up time while creating a branded, professional look. It’s easy to customize your survey with your organization’s logo and choose a palate of colors. No technical expertise or prior experience with HTML or CSS is required.

Additional Capabilities

Remote Data Collection

Our technology powers some of the largest global health research studies. Illume Next’s improved Remote Data Collection (RDC) capabilities makes on and offline data collection more efficient and secure. A simplified user interface allows field researchers easily to navigate through the software, while enhanced syncing capabilities ensures your data is securely uploaded and stored in a centralized database.


Your time is valuable. Why spend it waiting for simple administrative tasks to be completed? Illume Next allows you to continue working on important tasks while bulk activities process in the background. Now you can check updates on the performance of your study while a group of participants are being uploaded.

See a Demo of Illume Next

Illume survey software is an essential data collection tool that engages participants in the modern era of health research and patient-centered care. Combined with the participant and workflow management capabilities of the DatStat Data Collection Platform, we help you streamline your research.

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