Population Health Research

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We help health researchers improve outcomes by delivering sophisticated software that automates data collection and is built for the complexities of today’s health research. From precision medicine to healthcare intervention RCTs, our platform is proven across hundreds of use cases and at scale.

We know research. We also know the amount of effort needed to run research studies can be vast and complicated. There is a lot to manage – rolling recruitment, longitudinal workflows, population management, disparate data systems, and multiple sites – just to name a few. It’s easy to fall victim to messy data and logistics. Our platform helps you streamline your research and focus on what matters.

Simplify your Research

Automate – adhere to your research timeline by scheduling communication and reminders for participants and staff.

Accessible Anywhere at Anytime – improve survey completion rates by allowing participants to answer questionnaires on any web-enabled device.

Adaptable – tailor surveys and processes to the individual using advanced survey logic and protocol configuration.

Participant Feedback and Content  – improve participant engagement through personalized feedback and content based on answers to questions.

Global – multi-lingual and offline capabilities enable you to bring your research and health programs to your patients, where ever they’re located.

“You can find all the online survey options you want…but they don’t have the participant management and workflow management that DatStat does – and that’s the difficult part of research.”

~C. Loos – University of Queensland

Customer Stories

Population Health Research

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) conducts cutting-edge research to advance the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer and related diseases.

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Leading organizations such as American Institute for Research (AIR)Kaiser Division of Research and University of Washington run their population health research on DatStat. Let’s get started – schedule a demo to learn more.