Improved Population Health through Registries

We enable researchers and providers to understand the complexities of health by helping you get to know your patients better.

Traditional clinical registries are a simple list of patients with a particular condition in a provider’s EHR. However, as patient health becomes more complex and industry focus turns to measuring and managing outcomes at a population level, providers are seeking to supplement EHR data with more insights into the lives of their population outside of the clinic to build a longitudinal picture of patient health. Developing this holistic view requires a robust technology to reach, engage, and manage patients along their care journey.

A 360 view

Patient Portal: Secure, central place for patients to register, access resources, participate in social communities, and complete activities.

Longitudinal Data Collection: Easily add new assessments and surveys for ongoing monitoring.

Patient-Generated Data Capture: Leverage IoT and wearables through HealthKit and engage patients through passive data capture.

Real-Time Insight: Dashboards let patients view trends from their health data and activity. Stakeholders can quickly view overall success of your patient registry.

Integrate: Aggregate data from other sources including sensors, biometric measures, and EMR data.

Customer Story

COPD Foundation is pushing the boundaries of patient-centered research with their patient powered research network.

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Leading organizations such as COPD FoundationOptum and UMASS Medical School run their registries on DatStat. Let’s get started – schedule a demo to learn more.